I’m a 33-year old Master of Arts, currently working on my doctoral thesis in Area and Cultural Studies at the University of Helsinki. While searching for grants, I work as a school attending assistant, mainly with autistic children, and a drum teacher. I’m running for the city council of Helsinki as an independent candidate with the Helsinki Lists, in collaboration with the Communist Party of Finland. My principal themes include increasing the funding of kindergartens and schools, lowering the costs of housing, abolishing child poverty, creating more jobs and preserving the city’s parks and forests.

I defend peace, solidarity, democracy, equal rights, multiculturalism, education and the environment.

This is my third communal election thus far. After the first one, I was chosen to be a member of the Environmental Board of Helsinki. Those four years served me well: I became familiar with  political language and behaviour. Still, I could not stand making decisions appear more complex than they actually were. Basically, all decisions are really quite simple: one either supports the well-being of humans and the nature, or one does not. Hardly ever do those two oppose each other. Most often it’s a choise between private capital and well-being. 

If you want a multicultural and democratic Helsinki that looks after the homeless, the children and the elderly while preserving its nature, vote 977!

For those unsure of their right to vote, here’s a link to an explanatory article on the subject by Yle News.